Training programs designed to address core issues

LEADS Sessions

LEADS sessions are deliberately designed to address core issues that hold back progress in the nation. They will be taught in various formats with the primary medium being short pre-developed videos that address the various topics below.

1. The history of Nigeria’s people groups
2. Our common humanity and tribal affiliation
3. Uniquely created in a diverse world
4. Uniquely positioned to make a difference
5. The place of patriotism
6. The need for lawful engagement
7. The way to development
8. Practical leadership
9. What do you see? (The next super power)

Pre-developed programs and curriculum

(Partner Clubs Program)

A core part of the LEADS strategy is working with functional student organizations on campuses of Universities, Polytechnics, other tertiary institutions and senior secondary schools across the nation.

The goal is to create partnerships with registered students’ clubs in all these schools to enable us to reach out to millions of young people with a core program that prepares them with the right mindset needed to lead a diverse nation such as ours with its unique set of challenges. These clubs will be primarily responsible for ensuring the continuous running of LEADS sessions in schools.

They will use the training, targeted town halls, social problem solutions, practical internship among other programs as the means of engagement. These programs will be carried out using pre-developed programs and curriculum.

Reach millions of youth

LEADS Youth Connect

LEADS Youth Connect is a mentoring program that connects LEADS members who have been through LEADS Sessions with local LEADS mentors who will have the responsibility of nurturing them for the future.


Nurturing millions of youth

LEADS Youth Connect

Engage both public and private sector

LEADS Community Connect

Shared vision of the common humanity

LEADS Camping

This will be camping programs over specific periods where LEADS members from the various clubs are brought together to learn from each other as they share experiences from across the nation, break stereotypes and prepare together to take up the challenge of building the nation of their dreams.

The goal is to bring LEADS members from across the nation into a setting outside of the distractions of society to engage one another with the hope that they can leave with the shared vision of the common humanity that we share and a dream of a great nation that they have been gifted to build together.

Shared vision of the common humanity

LEADS Camping

LEADS is open to partnership programs with both the private and public sector groups and organizations that will engage young people in community service.

Do you have a social program or initiative you want us to partner with you on? We are open to ideas and programs that will help nurture the next generation of leaders, so we all can see the great nation of our dreams. Contact us for more information on partnerships.

We inspire them to dream

LEADS Leadership Program

LEADS is seeking a Nigeria in which all citizens are free to dream and are afforded all rights they are entitled to under the constitution. A country they can be proud to call theirs in which everyone is treated equally. We want a prosperous and powerful nation that will earn the respect of the world. We have identified a few areas that we think deserve our primary focus without us totaling neglecting all the other sectors and programs of government. These are the areas we intend to have LEADS members working on to develop real solutions. The goal is to inspire them to dream of the country they desire and to find solutions to the problems that are currently mitigation against achieving those dreams.

We will need to engage people nationwide to reach our goals. These people will need to believe in the capacity of our LEADs members to lead them in future. To demonstrate these capabilities, we must present viable solutions to the nation’s problems on an ongoing basis through our leadership and mentoring programs.

Everyone can roll out a list of what is wrong but very few offer any real solutions to the issues. We aim to be different. We want the people to see the dream, feel the dream and own the dream because we present them with workable answers. We have focused on seven areas but they are not exclusive. They are just areas that we think are critical to our success and will help us in marketing what we are offering our people.

1. Security and law enforcement
2. Education
3. Healthcare
4. Agriculture
5. Transportation
6. Housing
7. Job creation


LEADS, 24 Providence Rd, Lekki, Lagos


+234 705 640 1908


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