Dare to dream

National Transformation Project

We seek a Nigeria in which all citizens are free to dream and are afforded all rights they are entitled to under the constitution. A country they can be proud to call theirs in which everyone is treated equally. We want a prosperous and powerful nation that will earn the respect of the world.

To achieve this, we will create a national transformational group of young patriotic Nigerians (LEADS NTG) nationwide, motivate them to get involved in the political process and seek realistic solutions to local and national problems,

We have identified a few areas that we think deserve our primary focus without neglecting all the other sectors and programs of government. These are the areas we intend to have LEADS NTG members working on to develop real solutions and push for the enabling laws where they don’t exist that will make such a reality.

These are our core areas but they are not exclusive. They are the areas that we have determined are critical to our success and will help us achieve our dream of a sustainable Nigeria. (Security and Law enforcement, Electoral Reforms: Including Diaspora voting, Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, Transportation, Housing and Job creation).

Training programs designed to address core issues

LEADS Sessions

LEADS Sessions are the orientation trainings we provide for all LEADS members, volunteers and partners.

The sessions are deliberately designed to address core issues that hold back our  progress as a nation. They will be taught in various formats with the primary medium being short pre-developed videos that address the following topics below:

1. The History of Nigeria’s People groups
2. Our common humanity and tribal affiliation
3. Uniquely created in a diverse world
4. Uniquely positioned to make a difference
5. The place of patriotism
6. The need for lawful engagement
7. The way to development
8. Practical leadership
9. What do you see? (The next super power)


LEADS, 24 Providence Rd, Lekki, Lagos


+234 705 640 1908


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