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The Need for Action

Nigeria is projected to
become the 3rd most
populated nation on earth

in the next three decades.
The lowest estimates have that population at over 300 million out of which over 60% will be young people.

We have to deliberately shape the future to save our people from doom. We must proactively engage these young people and prepare them for leadership.

We will develop programs that will not only teach the young adults leadership but also afford them the opportunities to put what they have learned into practice

Our Main Areas of Focus


LEADS will partner with functional student organizations on campuses of Universities, Polytechnics, other tertiary institutions and senior secondary schools across the nation to run LEADS Sessions, our unique programs designed to nurture the next generation of leaders.

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Partnership with diverse student groups

Partner Clubs Program


This will be camping programs over specific periods where LEADS members from the various clubs and community programs from across the nation are brought together to learn from each other as they share experiences and connect with each other.

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Shared vision of the common humanity

LEADS Camping


The goal of this program is to work with established organizations in the public and private sectors to work together on local community programs that will engage young people, foster unity, lawful engagement and development of our society.

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Engage both public and private sector

LEADS Community Connect

Through this medium, we will continuously engage the larger society and our target group in order inspire as many as possible to envision the Nigeria of our dreams.

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Reaching millions of young people



Our training program is deliberately designed to address core issues that hold back progress in the nation.

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Core Curriculum

LEADS Orientation Programs

Our program is designed to nurture leaders who will build our dream country. A Nigeria in which all citizens are free to dream and are afforded all rights they are entitled to under the constitution.

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We inspire them to dream

LEADS Leadership Program

Our Duty to the future generation

To save our people from doom, we will need to proactively engage these young people
from an early age to deliberately shape the future

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Projects Realized

We aim toprovide a secure and prosperous future for our nation

We train and mentor
leaders of tomorrow

Have questions? Just mail us

Get In Touch

For more information about LEADS, request a callback and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.




LEADS, No 24
Providence Road
Lekki, Lagos


+234 703 185 1698



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